AIBS US Scholars Fellows

2019-20 Fellows:

Elora Chowdhury (Professor)
Department of Women's Gender and Sexuality Studes, University of Massachusetts
Title: Ethical Encounters: Gender, Vulnerability and Agency in Bangladesh Muktijuddoho Films

Joel Bordeaux (Professor)
Mattoo Center for India Studies, Stony Brook University
Title: Raja Krishnacandra: Hindu Kingship and Myth-Making in Early Modern Bengal

Kurt Kuehne (PhD Student)
Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: Hidden From the Heartlands: Boundary-making and Migrant Management in the Global City
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Roslyn Schoen (Assistant Professor)
Department of Social Sciences, Texas A&M University - Central Texas
Title: Producing Diversity for the Global Supply Chain?  The Case of Bangladeshi Women as Labor Migrants in Mauritius

2018-19 Fellows:

Calynn Dowler (PhD Student)
Department of Anthropology, Boston University
Title: Tides of Change: Migration, Environment and Identity in India's Sundarbans Islands
Abstract     Report

Ian Reed (PhD Student)
Department of Religion, Florida State University
Title: Building Pandals, Building Ta'ziyahs, Building Identity: Public Religious Celebrations by Bengladeshi Immigrants in Kolkata

Neilesh Bose (Assistant Professor)
Department of History, University of Victoria
Title: Islam, Buddhism, and Religious Reform in Colonial Bengal

2017-18 Fellows:

Erin Hunter (PhD Student)
Department of International Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Title: Closing the Childhood Development Gap in Rural Bangladesh
Abstract    Report

Lisa Knight (Associate Professor)
Department of Religion and Asian Studies, Furman University
Title: Migrant Ethics and Etical Strangers: Bangladeshi Migrants in Nordic Countries
Abstract     Report

Nazmul Sultan (PhD Student)
Department of Political Science, University of Chicago
Title: Norms and Claims: Popular Sovereignty and the Rise of Demorcracy in the Colonial World
Abstract     Report

2016-17 Fellows:

Michael Bowler (Associate Professor)
Department for Global Studies and World Languages, Winona State University
Title: Twenty-Five Years of Research in a Jessore Village
Link to Dr. Bowler's lecture in Bangladesh at the conclusion of his research

Pika Ghosh (Associate Professor)
Department of Art History, UNC Chapel Hill
Title: Fabricating Social Worlds: Women's Embroidered Kantha from Colonial Bengal
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Zachary Lamb (PhD Student)
Department of Urban Studies & Planning, MIT
Title: Hold Back the Water: Planning, Politics, and Design in Dhaka's Flood Adaptation
Abstract     Report

Todd McKay (PhD Student)
Department of Linguistics, Georgetown University
Title: Tasks for the Transition: Identifying the practical English-language needs of Bangladeshi high-school students
Abstract    Report


2015-16 Fellows:

Alison Horton (PhD Student)
Department of Geography, Rutgers University
Title: Bangladeshi Education Stipend Project – Is it Really Pro-Poor?
Abstract    Report

Katie Rainwater (PhD Student)
Department of Development Sociology, Cornell University
Title: Bangladeshi Shrimp Processing Workers: Precarity and Citizenship
Abstract    Report


2014-15 Fellows:

Melia Belli (Assistant Professor)
Department of Art History, University of Texas-Arlington
Title: Emerging Artists of Bangladesh (1971-present)
Abstract    Report

Chaumtoli Huq (Professor)
Department of Law, New York Law School
Title: Aftermath of Rana Plaza: Can the Binding Accord Improve Global Workplace Standards
Abstract    Report

Humayun Kabir (PhD Student)
Department of Political Science, City University New York
Title: Thoughts of Becoming: Negotiating Modernity and Identity in Bangladesh
Abstract      Report

Elizabeth Sibilia (PhD Candidate)
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, City University of New York
Title: The Geographies of Becoming Waste on the Beaches in Bangladesh


2013 Fellows:

Rachel McDermott (Professor)
Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures, Barnard College
Title: A National Poet for the Nation of Bangladesh: Exploring the Legacy of Kazi Nazrul Islam (1899-1976)
Abstract    Report


2012 Fellows:

Roslyn Fraser (Doctoral Candidate)
Department of Sociology, University of Missouri
Title: From Missing Daughters to Missing Sons? The Global Labor Market and Daughter Valuation in Bangladesh
Abstract     Report

Michelle Quill (Doctoral Candidate)
Department of Anthropology, University of Iowa
Title: Exploring Solutions: The Politics and Practices of UNHCR-Sponsored Resettlement
Abstract     Report

Amy Moyer (Doctoral Candidate)
Department of International Education, Lehigh University
Title: Transferring Training to Practice: Improving Primary Teaching in Bangladesh
Abstract     Report

Amanda Zongrone (Doctoral Candidate)
Department of Nutritional Science, Cornell University
Title: Maternal Capacity and Child Health Outcomes: Insights from Bangladesh
Abstract     Report


2011 Fellows:

Alex Dodson (Doctoral Candidate)
Department of Anthropology, University of Texas-Austin
Title: From Primitive to Preserver: Exploring the Indigenous: Environmentalist Nexus in Bangladesh's Forest Spaces
Abstract     Report


2010 Fellows:

Heather Goldsmith
Title: The Impact of Nari O Shishu Nirjaton Daman Ain on the Lives of Citizens of Bangladesh
Abstract     Report

Naveeda Khan (Assistant Professor)
Department of Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Movement as a Way of Life: Understanding Climate Change in Riparian Bangladesh
Abstract    Report

Bridget Kustin (Doctoral Candidate)
Department of Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Islamic Finance & Religious Practice In Bangladesh
Abstract     Report

Shahid M. Shahidullah (Professor)
Department of Criminal Justice, Elizabeth City State University
Title: Improvement of Criminal Justice Education, Research and Training in Bangladesh

Matthew Rich (Doctoral Candidate)
Department of Anthropology, University of Chicago
Title: Encountering Khasi in Bangladesh: Languages of Belonging and Figures of Indigeneity
Abstract     Report


2009 Fellows:

Amber Abbas (Doctoral Candidate)
Department of History, University of Texas-Austin
Title: Community Memories: Oral Histories of Post-Partition South Asia

Samantha Christensen (Doctoral Candidate)
Department of History, Northeastern University
Title: Student Protest Activity in East Pakistan: 1956-1971

Tiffany Hodge (Doctoral Candidate)
Department of Religious Studies, Emory University
Title: Piety in Practice: Seeking out Religious Authority in Rural Bangladesh
Abstract     Report


2008 Fellows:

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