Bangladesh Citizen Fellowship

The American Institute of Bangladesh Studies awards grants for faculty member research fellowships for Bangladeshi scholars interested in conducting research in the US that involves all academic disciplines. These fellowships are a maximum of 2 months in duration and are supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Bangladesh. There is no mandatory teaching requirement for this fellowship -- it is a research fellowship only. 

All applicants must:

  1. Be Bangladesh citizens
  2. Be affiliated with an AIBS partner institution in Bangladesh (please click here to see a list of partners). 
  3. Coordinate with a sponsor at an AIBS member institution to oversee their proposed research (please click here to see a list of institutional members).


  1. Scholars awarded a fellowship will be required to give lectures at AIBS member institutions or at institutions within the surrounding region. 
  2. Scholars must have a letter of reference or sponsorship from a professor at the sponsoring institution in the US. 

Under this grant, AIBS will pay for the following for each Fellowship:

  • Economy round-trip air transportation and visa expenses (up to $2,500 US Dollars)
  • Monthly stipend of $1500/month for 2 months (US Dollars)
  • Housing stipend of $1500/month for 2 months (US Dollars)
  • Supplies: $250/month for 2 months (US Dollars)

Additional Information:

  • AIBS will cover health insurance and an institutional bench fee of $750 to the sponsoring US institution
  • Length of the fellowship: 2 months
  • Dates of fellowship: any period of two months between January 10, 2017 and June 30, 2017.
  • Number of awards: 5
  • Visa application fees are the responsibility of the awardee to pay for up front and covered under the "Air transportation and visa expenses, $2500" part of the award. If an awardee is unsuccessful at obtaining a visa, the awardee is responsible for the cost incurred.  If an awardee has received disbursement of funds and unable to travel for any reason (even after a visa is obtained), the awardee must return the award disbursement in full

Application Procedure:  Applications must be submitted via the AIBS online application (not currently available at this time).

The application will include:

Narrative proposal (10 page maximum)
Curriculum Vitae (2 page maximum)
Three letters of reference
Letter of Sponsorship from US Host Institution.